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Dr. Siddhi Joshi is a post-doctoral researcher in Geography, a semi-professional documentary maker and human rights activist based in Galway, West of Ireland. Having made two documentaries and inspired by my friend Monica's idea, Pacifist Pirañas Documentaries seemed to be the natural and apt way of combining my interests in a name! This website focuses on the two documentaries: Heart and Hand and Maerl: A Rare Seabed Habitat.

Acknowledgements go to Monica Reilly, founder of Pacifist Piranha Productions, copyright of The Pacifist Piranha, 2010 Monica Reilly.

Maerl: A Rare Seabed Habitat
International Screenings

Beneath the Waves Film Festival

International Rhodolith Workshop



EGU GeoCinema

Beneath the Waves Film Festival, various locations

The short version of this film was selected as part of this international marine science film festival.

International Rhodolith Workshop, San José, Costa Rica

A full hour screening was made at this specialised international conference focusing on maerl or rhodolith beds.

GeoHab Conference, Winchester, UK

A lunch time screening was made at this specialised international conference focusing on marine benthic habitat mapping.

European Geoscience Union GeoCinema, Vienna

Two screenings of the full hour long documentary were made as part of the EGU Conference

Ryan Institute for Environment, Marine and Energy, NUI Galway

The full hour documentary was screened for the first time in Galway as part of this event organised by Zoological Society of NUI Galway

Inisheer Film Festival, Aran Island, Ireland

A screening of the short version of this documentary was screened on the Aran Islands.

MSc Coastal and Marine Environments Program


This documentary is used as a teaching purposes in this postgraduate program in the School of Geography and Archeology in NUI Galway.

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